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2021-2023 NWHS School Leadership Ballot

Nominations will be taking place from now until Friday, May 7th.  


Voting will take place from Sunday, May 9th through Monday, May 24th.

Please only vote one time!

You are voting for TWO parents to serve from 2021-2023 school years.

2021-2023 Leadership Slate
listed alphabetically by last name

Melisa Graves

My name is Melisa Graves and my son is currently a Sophomore at Northwest HS.  This is the last of my crew of five! I have been involved in PTA/PTOs, in many capacities: Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Classroom Parent Representative, among a host of many other roles.  I also have a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, with an emphasis in Family and Child Development.


I feel that is imperative that we, as parents, be involved in our children's education. We are stakeholders and are people with a vested interest in the outcome of the work that needs to be done for our kids, our schools and our communities. We need to be involved in program planning, implementation, and decision making. We need a seat and a voice at the table to advocate for our families.  

We know this is easier said than done. Often agencies, and parents themselves, limit the parent role to that of consumer, or as receivers of services developed and provided by the “professionals at the school”.   As parents, we are integral in the decision making and can offer tremendous insight.  The value that parents can add, as full partners, can improve the educational services, policies and programs. We know us, we know what we want and we know our kids.

With my passion and drive, I am certain that I would be a perfect fit to join the School's Leadership Committee. I hope you will select me for this journey. 



Kristen Law

My oldest graduated from Northwest High School in 2020 and is a freshman at NCSU. My youngest will be a freshman starting the 21-22 school year.  I have spent four years serving on the Northwest High School PTSO Board as well as been an active volunteer with various committees. We moved to North Carolina when my oldest daughter was in her Freshman year of high school. Northwest welcomed her with open arms and she quickly transitioned into Viking life. In my past, I have held every position possible within a PTSO/PTA serving every year. The school based leadership team would be a new position for me, but one I am very excited about. I am interested in working closely with school administration to identify needs that can be fulfilled by GCS, county commissioners or outside organizations.  I would like to be behind the effort to involve the Northwest community and Parent Advocacy groups. Thank you for your consideration!

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