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Join the 2023-2024 PTA Board

The PTA is looking for volunteers to serve as 2023-2024 NWHS Executive Board Members and Committee Chairs. Details about roles and responsibilities below.


Complete an interest form today! For more information, contact   

Board Positions


Time Commitment: Varies each month and continues through the summer.

  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of the PTA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.) 

  • Work closely with the Principal/VP.

  • Recruit PTA Committee Chairs. 

  • Create agendas and facilitate monthly PTA board meetings and three General Assembly PTA meetings. 

  • Collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar. 

  • Collaborate with Treasurer to create annual PTA budget 

  • Represent PTA in the community and at special events. 

  • Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making. 


Time Commitment: 12-15 hours per month, varies during fundraising times.


Busiest Times of Year: Ongoing, some summer work preparing a budget for collaborating with the PTA President to generate the annual PTA budget.

Works with CPTA to: 

  • Prepare the annual audit and tax return.

  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required.

  • Oversee ongoing PTA finances; ensure adherence to approved PTA budget.

  • Prepare and present budget reports for each PTA general meeting.

  • Attend executive board meetings, and participate in discussions and decision-making.


Time Commitment: Varies each month and continues through the summer.

  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the president or upon the president's inability to serve.

  • Assume duties of the president in the event of a vacancy until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws. 

  • Act as aide to the president and assume responsibilities for duties assigned by the president. 

  • Perform any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws or designated by the board. 

  • Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making. 


Time Commitment: 10 hours per month, busiest following each PTA meeting 

  • Take minutes at PTA general meetings, type minutes, and distribute them in a timely fashion. 

  • Email or make copies of minutes from the last general meeting for distribution to paid board members (and approval) for general meetings. 

  • Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making, take minutes for preparation and distribution to the other officers & paid board members. 

  • Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting. 

  • Sends and distributes correspondence that is sent out from the PTA, including flyers for upcoming events. 

  • Keep an electronic and paper file of all correspondence created 

  • Make copies, count and distribute information to families and staff of NWGHS .

  • Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making.

Committee Chairs

  • Keep a record of staff birthdays and celebrations. Celebrate retirements, send condolences, etc.

  • Plan and host back-to-school staff luncheon, holiday celebrations, and staff appreciation week in May.

  • Shop and deliver supplies, set up, help serve and clean up staff events. 

  • Student of the Month: A PTA-sponsored monthly event that celebrates students who demonstrate academic and success skills. Help take pictures and print certificates. 

  • Fundraising: Researching and present ideas to the PTA board that will help fundraise for items needed at Denham Oaks.

  • Monthly Bravo (student acknowledgment for academic excellence AND GETTING BETTER)

  • Coordinate membership drive: record memberships in the database, work with the treasurer to make deposits, pay dues monthly, apply for membership awards, and distribute PTA cards.

  • Create and update membership forms 

Business/Sponsorship Membership Liaison
  • Coordinate sponsorship drive: keep a record of business partners and banners

  • Update website, newsletter, and Facebook to advertise our business partners. 

  • Add sponsor/business content for the distribution of the monthly parent e-newsletter.

  • Communicates with the PTA executive board members about contributions. 

  • Manages the content development and continuously updates the website and social media pages with Business/Sponsor related PTA information and events.

  • Year-long commitment. 

Volunteer Coordinator
  • Work with membership chair to gather contact information of parents interested in volunteering

  • Email and contact approved volunteers when they are needed for school or PTA events. 

  • Attend events to organize and manage volunteers. 

  • Help distribute information to NWGHS families on how our programs are run and benefit the school. 

  • Design new Spirit Wear with school logo (to be approved by President and Principal)

  • Source vendor(s) to create Spiritwear.

  • Set up online store with products and manage orders.

  • Market products to students, families and staff.

  • Create a process for and accepting spiritwear orders. Sell products at open house, and activities/sporting events throughout the year.

  • Advertise products on PTA website and social media pages.

  • Track inventory and manage payment methods (cash, checks, money orders, PayPal, Wix online orders, Apple Pay, and more.) 

  • Place an orders with vendor(s) to according to sales. 

  • Distribute products - contact customers to advise them when items are ready for pick-up.

Fundraising Chair
  • Responsible for the implementation of fundraising events/activities. 

  • Work with membership and treasurer's positions regarding possible donors.

  • Manages the acknowledgments and continuously updates the website and social media pages with shoutouts for what they do for us. 

  • Source prospective donors and sponsors to fund and support events

  • Order gratitude plaques for our top 10 donors to place on the wall outside the main entrance

Individuals who volunteer on school grounds are required to register with GCS, which includes a criminal background search. You must be approved by GCS before volunteering for the PTA or the School.

All volunteers must login annually to update information!

As other volunteer opportunities become available, we post links to sign up on our volunteer page.


Or, feel free to send an email to and let us know your interests! We've got lots of options and would love your participation! 

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