Mobile Makeover Project


People are always asking how they can help.  Boy do we need help!  We have listed areas below that we need assistance with.  If you can help, please let us know!  


Number 1 Need:



July 14th - 16th we need help moving all of the furniture and boxes back into the mobiles.  This will be a huge venture and we need all the hands (and feet) we can get!  

Please sign up to help!

High School Volunteers will receive service hours.


Number 2 Need:


As you can imagine, renovating 25+ year old mobile units has a lot of surprises that come about.  While we have raised a significant amount of money, we could still use a bit more to finish 23 units.

Please consider donating if you can!

Number 3 Need:

Amazon Wishlist 

There are quite a few small things that we will need once the project is complete.  If you can't help with a cash donation, may something off of our amazon wishlist is of interest to you.  While it may not look like a lot, we need a lot of sets!

For example, 30 desks per unit x 23 units x 4 legs per desk..... 2,760 tennis balls to cover table leg feet to prevent the floors from being scratched.  

Check out our Amazon Wishlist here!  

All items will be shipped directly to the school.

Deck Rebuild.jpeg

Number 4 Need:

Deck Repair 

At some point over spring break, someone vandalized the emergency decking off of unit 225.  We need someone to help us rebuild this deck and the stairwell!  

Do you have carpenter skills?  If so, we need you!  Please email us!


Bench 1.jpg

Number 5 Need:

New Benches

Our students love to sit on benches outside throughout the day.  Whether it is to socialize with friends, wait for their parent to pick them up, or eat lunch, the students appreciate the benches.  We need six new benches made for the outside area.  

Do you have carpenter skills?  If so, we need you!  Please email us!



Number 6 Need:

Office Furniture

Did you know that many of our teachers are using desks and chairs that are almost 20 years old?  We threw away quite a bit of furniture held together with duct tape.  We need new furniture for our teachers.  

If you have any pieces of furniture that you are willing to donate, please consider us!  We are looking for desks, chairs, floor mats, file cabinets, etc.  


Please send us a picture and some measurements and we will let you know if we can use them for our mobiles.  


We would like to provide each of our teachers a new desk, chair and floor mat!